JESA CHILDREN FOUNDATION helps provide healthy school environments and proper academic infrastructure for underprivileged children in Perú, creating better education opportunities.

JESA CHILDREN FOUNDATION believes all children have the right to proper education so they can grow into healthy and prosperous adults.

Many Peruvian children with scarce resources do not have access to this, which in turn takes away their ability to develop and thrive in life. This affects their intellectual advancements and self-esteem, halting their progress to a better economic standing.

We will be working by stages, choosing schools that need our help the most focusing on areas such as:

  • Improving and developing safe infrastructure.
  • Adequate bathroom facilities for boys and girls.
  • Appropriate classroom sizes and adequate furniture.

Unfortunately, in rural and marginal areas thousands are exposed to inadequate and unhealthy learning spaces, such as limited basic services, make-shift schools that are sometimes four walls with no roof, and a lack of proper nutrition.

Even simple bathroom facilites are affected by improper use and implementation of limited funding.

These factors create a continuous cycle of disadvantages that affects complete families and whole generations. We believe we can help end this cycle by improving these situations.

Since he was a young child, Emmanuel bravely fought against a rare benign fatty tumor disease, known as Lipoblastomatosis. He endured 14 years of constant physical struggles. Sadly, on November 2018 our family got the news that the disease had evolved into an aggressive Osteosarcoma. 

Emmanuel passed away in Germany surrounded by his family a few months later on March 11, 2019. He was only 23 years old. Our son was a human being filled with kindness and he always gave without expecting anything back in return. He was filled with love from his family and friends but quickly learned that he was the only one who had to power through and fight this fight.

His will and drive to fight made him mature extremely fast. This passion evolved into compassion and deep empathy for others. Emmanuel’s example of helping others, regardless of country, standing or age inspired us to open and organize this foundation.

Why Peru? Circumstances made him be born in Boston, USA, but his connection to his Peruvian family made him Peruvian by heart. He loved children, he was a magnet with kids, and he had four siblings whom he loved dearly. He cherished meeting his Peruvian nieces and nephews and other kids during his travels.

At the end, even though he never had kids, we are reminded daily through his two brothers and sisters of all his teachings, kindness and strengths. Emmanuel is and will always be an inspiration and the best example of human kindness who prioritized life by giving and sharing LOVE to do everything he set his heart and mind to.


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